Treatment of papillomas with folk remedies

Papillomas are benign formations that can be localized in any part of the skin and mucous membranes. Different means and methods are used for their removal - medications, medicinal plants, surgical removal. Treatment of papillomas with folk remedies is more often used when localizing formations on the skin and is carried out at home.

Folk remedies for the treatment of papillomas are not always effective enough, so it is better to supplement them with other methods of treatment.

treatment of papillomas with folk methods

Papillomas: what is it and how to treat it

Papillomas are benign neoplasms that are the result of increased proliferation of epithelial cells. They can appear anywhere on the body:

  • face - most often near the eyes;
  • door;
  • chest, abdomen, back;
  • lower and upper limbs;
  • anogenital area;
  • the mucous membrane of the genitals - the walls of the vagina and the cervix in women, the penis in men;
  • the lining of the respiratory tract.

In most cases, papillomaviruses (human papilloma virus, HPV) are the cause of formations. The disease can develop in both adults and children.

Treatment has two main directions: removal of papillomas and fight against viral infection (including strengthening of the immune system). Various methods can be used for this, including recipes from traditional medicine. The most effective is the combined approach to treatment, i. e. the combination of different methods.

Folk recipes: pros and cons

The use of folk remedies is only one of the treatment options.

The main advantage of traditional medicine is accessibility. You can be treated at home, and the treatment does not require special costs.

There are also disadvantages that limit the use of folk recipes:

  1. Get rid of warts may take several months, it will not be possible to quickly cure the disease. But even with long-term treatment there is no guarantee of success.
  2. The use of aggressive products can lead to skin burns and the development of other complications.
  3. During the treatment, the contraindications for the use of certain medicinal herbs are often not taken into account, which is why allergic reactions and side effects from the digestive tract can develop.

Thus, treatment with folk remedies will not allow you to quickly get rid of papillomas. However, with the right approach, home remedies can be effective.

What principles should be followed when choosing therapy:

  • a combination of means for internal and external use;
  • consideration of contraindications for use;
  • frequency of use.
In addition, it is recommended not to limit yourself to the use of only folk remedies, since it is unlikely to cure papillomas with their use alone. It is much more effective to combine their intake with basic therapy (correction of lifestyle, strengthening of immunity) and, if necessary, with drug therapy or surgical removal.


All folk remedies are divided into 2 large groups - for internal and external use. However, they are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary. The combination of internal and external agents is particularly relevant for the treatment of skin diseases arising as a result of a weakened immune system.

A group of folk recipes

Main characteristics

What recipes can be used

For internal use

Medicines for internal use act systemically, i. e. they affect all organs and systems of the body.

Medicines are used for treatment that help the body fight a viral infection:

containing vitamin A and C;

It has immunomodulating properties;

having a restorative effect.

Decoctions and infusions are most often used for systemic therapy.

For outdoor use

Medicines for external use are not absorbed into the general circulation, therefore they act locally on the papilloma.

Means are used that lead to the destruction of the accumulation. At the 2nd stage of the treatment (after removal of the formation), substances with reparative properties are used.

Local therapy is carried out using lotions, applications, ointments.


You can remove papillomas on the skin with the help of celandine, lemon balm, garlic, green walnuts, healing fees. On their basis, ointments, applications, infusions for lotions and rubs are prepared.

yellow flowers

The juice of celandine contains alkaloids, vitamin C, organic acids (malic, citric, succinic), so the plant is often used to remove warts, papillomas and other skin formations.

The juice of fresh celandine grass should be rubbed with skin formations 3 times with an interval of 1-2 minutes. You need to repeat the procedure 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening, the duration of the treatment is 2-3 weeks. Apply celandine juice carefully, only on the papilloma area. Otherwise, you may get skin burns.

celandine against papillomas and warts

Celandine - a popular drug for skin neoplasms


The main chemical components of lemon balm are acids (rosmarinic, chlorogenic) and essential oils. Recipes based on the herb of lemon balm are able to suppress the reproduction of viruses and help well with papillomatosis. For local therapy, you can use an ointment based on lemon balm extract. Ointment recipe:

  • Mix 50 g of crushed lemon balm leaves with 100 ml of peach or castor oil;
  • insist 8 hours;
  • cook in a water bath for 30 minutes;
  • add 50 ml of glycerin;
  • cook for another 15 minutes.

The ointment can be applied immediately after cooling. It is necessary to lubricate the affected areas of the skin 2 times a day.

lemon balm against papillomas and warts

To prepare the ointment, take fresh lemon balm leaves.


Applications and ointments with garlic will help to remove the papilloma. At home, you can make a cream based on garlic, for this you need to grind 1 clove of garlic into a pulp and mix with a hypoallergenic hand cream.

Apply the resulting mixture to the skin, apply gauze on top and stick the patch. After 3 hours, remove the bandage and carefully rinse the skin with water.

garlic against warts and papillomas

Homemade cream based on garlic can get rid of papillomas


To remove papillomas, you can use tincture of green walnuts. Recipe:

  • take unripe walnuts;
  • finely chop or pass through a meat grinder;
  • fill the glass container ⅔ full;
  • add alcohol to the edge;
  • insist for 3 weeks;
  • strain through cheesecloth.

With the resulting tincture, rub the papillomas 2 times a day. The duration of treatment is several months.

green walnuts against papillomas and warts

Tincture of papillomas is prepared from green walnuts


For internal use, you can use recipes based on dandelion, lemon balm, medicinal fees. Infusions and decoctions are prepared from medicinal plants.


Dandelion herb and root have immunological properties, so the plant can be used internally to stimulate the immune system. How to make an infusion:

  • ground grass and dandelion root;
  • Pour 1 tablespoon of chopped plants with 150 ml of boiling water;
  • insist 12 hours;
  • strain.

The infusion should be taken in 50 ml 30 minutes after a meal. Dandelion infusion is contraindicated in the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, an allergic reaction may develop, so it is recommended to do a sensitivity test before taking the infusion.

a collection of dandelions for the treatment of papillomas and warts

Dandelions are widely used in folk medicine, including against papillomas.

Medical fee

For treatment, you can use a collection of several ingredients: lemon balm, nettle and plantain leaves, dandelion root. How to prepare a decoction for internal use:

  • take 2 tsp each plant;
  • pour them with 400 ml of boiling water;
  • cook in a water bath for 20 minutes;
  • strain and let cool.

The decoction is drunk 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals, 50 ml. The course of treatment is 14 days.